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About Next Pronto

Inclusive Financial Planning

Next Pronto Capital Advisors was created to help our Clients win the #GameofFinancialLife.

We elevate our Clients' level of financial literacy, plan their financial future, and help them generate optimal returns -- on their terms.

We are on a mission to make financial planning more inclusive by providing exceptional financial solutions that are oftentimes reserved only for the very wealthy.

Our Financial Planning Philosophy​:
  • Investing and planning for the future is mentally-challenging for our Clients and requires EXCEPTIONAL financial advice from our part.

  • Winning the #GameofFinancialLife requires a lot more than just investing. Our planning process helps our Clients not only play great OFFENSE, but also great DEFENSE.

  • Our Clients can benefit tremendously from TAILOR-MADE solutions rather than cookie-cutter appraoches to investing.

  • Our Clients can generate a healthy long-term return on investment with strong FINANCIAL LITERACY and a PASSIVE (rather than active) approach to investing. 

  • We are instrumental in our Clients' success by helping them get INDEXED to global markets and remaining diversified at all times. That means AVOIDING CONCENTRATION in one single industry, asset class, or market.​

  • Our Clients succeed because we help them keep financial COSTS (i.e. taxes, interest, investment commissions & fees, etc.) to a minimum at all times. 

  • Because markets are 100% unpredictable, we steer our Clients away from making costly "behavioral" MISTAKES (e.g. market-timing), and encourage them to stick to their personal financal plan.

Logo Next Pronto
Logo Next Pronto

Next Pronto Capital Advisors was created to transform your financial life.


We are on a mission to make financial planning more inclusive by providing personalized financial solutions that are usually reserved for wealthy investors.

We help you plan from the bottom-up, starting with goal setting, budgeting, portfolio management, tax panning, and estate planning.



Weehawken, NJ 



Portfolio Management


Tax Diversification ​


Estate Planning


Health & Insurance Planning


Give us a chance to show you why working with Next Pronto is the best way to Fast-Forward your wealth!

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