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Our Services

We serve executives, entrepreneurs, families, and small businesses that seek objectivity, frankness, and adherence to fiduciary standards.


We help you build, manage and re-balance a

cost-efficient, global investment portfolio.


Being truly "diversified" means investing

with different TAX scenarios in mind.  


No financial plan is complete without a strategy to

effectively & efficiently transfer your wealth to your

loved ones or to charity.

Healthcare &

Life Insurance, Annuities and HSAs can be complicated

instruments. We demystify them and bring

them down to earth for you.


Achieve your goals with Next Pronto

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We are all human. And many of us lose sleep when our investments lose value or when the unexpected strikes. 

Next Pronto helps you stay on the right course and avoid panic when markets shake and life gets stormy.

Here are some of the many Life Challenges we help you deal with:

  • Having a personalized investment strategy designed to withstand market volatility. 

  • Reducing your investment costs over years of investment. 

  • Evaluating the best investment options for your kids’ education. 

  • Minimizing income taxes before and after retirement. 

  • Managing & transferring complicated insurance policies.

  • Refinancing your Undergraduate and Graduate education debt.

  • Planning for long-term care expenses. 

  • Determining how to best draw from investments in retirement. 

  • Intelligently transferring your wealth to family and loved ones. 

Give us a chance to show you why working with Next Pronto is the best way to Fast-Forward your wealth!

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Next Pronto Capital Advisors was created to help you plan your financial future, improve your level of financial literacy and generate an optimal return.


We are on a mission to make financial planning more inclusive by providing personalized financial solutions that were previously reserved for the wealthy.



New York 



Portfolio Management


Tax Diversification ​


Estate Planning


Health & Insurance


Give us a chance to show you why working with Next Pronto is the best way to Fast-Forward your wealth!

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