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Financial Planning 

Building the confidence you need.


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About Next Pronto

Transformative Financial Advice

Next Pronto Capital Advisors was created to transform your financial life and help you grow more confident about your financial future.


Our mission is to make financial planning a transformative experience, by providing personalized financial solutions that are commonly reserved for the very wealthy.

We offer tailor-made investment advice and dynamic financial planning solutions such as Tax Planning, Portfolio Management, Estate Planning, Insurance Analysis, Education Planning, and Budget Management.

We serve business executives, entrepreneurs, retirees and small businesses looking for objectivity, candor and an adherence to fiduciary standards.

About Next Pronto
Services Next Pronto

Maximize Your Investment Potential 

Financial planning
that's easy and inclusive...

At Next Pronto we believe that EVERYONE should have access to excellent personalized financial advice. 


This belief is what drives us to make financial planning a life-changing experience for ALL of our clients.

investment management

Portfolio Management

Tax planning

Tax Planning

We filter the noise that permeates our lives, and focus on YOU!  We analyze your risk profile, your unique goals and help you put together a cost-efficient and diversified investment portfolio.

We make Tax planning a year-round sport.

Our Tax Planning advice saves you money and keeps you from over-paying your taxes.

Our tax modeling prepares you for future tax years, and helps you make critical tax decisions TODAY.  

Estate planning
insurance planning

Estate Planning

Insurance Planning 

No financial plan is complete without a well though-out strategy to transfer your wealth to your loved ones or to charity. We help you do it in a more effective and efficient way.

Life Insurance, Annuities and HSAs can be very complex. We demystify them for you and help you select the one that best suit your goals.

Next Pronto

Next Pronto Capital Advisors was created to transform your financial life.


We are on a mission to make financial planning more inclusive by providing personalized financial solutions that are usually reserved for wealthy investors.

We help you plan from the bottom-up, starting with goal setting, budgeting, portfolio management, tax panning, and estate planning.


Mauro Leos

Tel. +1 845-729-8956

Weehawken, New Jersey


Portfolio Management

Tax Planning​

Estate Planning

Budget management

Education Planning


Insurance Planning


Contact us to learn how

Next Pronto can transform your financial life!

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